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Quest Help

Quest help is our newly released service for helping players to complete complicated quest process and develop your character. With the help of detailed description, you can do it unaided, BUT there is a quite easy way, just pay a bit money, we do them for you in very short time. To avoid boring time for searching quest NPC around runescape world, let's do that for you!

  • Animal magnetism $5.37

  • Required Quests:The restless ghost, ernest the chicken, priest in peril
    Required Slayer Level:18
    Required Crafting Level:19
    Required Ranged Level:30
    Required Woodcutting Level:36
    Members Only Animal magnetism Rewards:
    - 1000 crafting exp
    - 1000 fletching exp
    - 1000 slayer exp
    - 2500 woodcutting exp
    - Ava's device(Ava's attractor or Ava's accumulator)
    -1 Quest point

  • Another slice of H.A.M $5.37

  • Required Quests:Death to the dorgeshuun, the giant dwarf, the dig site
    Required Attack Level:15
    Required Prayer Level:25
    - 3000 mining exp
    - 3000 prayer exp
    - Ancient goblin mace
    - Access to Dorgesh-Kaan-Keldagrim train route
    - ability to buy goblin village teleport spheres from oldak
    - 1 Quest point

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  • Back to my Roots$11.18

  • Required Quests:A fairy tale part I-grouing pains, hand in the sand, one small favour, tribal totem
    Required Agility Level:55
    Required Farming Level:53
    Required Slayer Level:59
    Required Woodcutting Level:72
    - Quest Point 1
    - 24000 farming exp
    - 40000 woodcutting exp
    - 23000 slayer exp
    - 1500 agility exp
    - new farming patch
    - jade vine seed
    - repeatable jade vine mini game

  • Between a Rock$5.37

  • Required Quests:Fishing contest
    dwarf cannon
    Required Defence Level:30
    Required Mining Level:40
    Required Smithing Level:50
    ability to defeat at least a Level 75 enemy
    - Quest Point 2
    - 5000 defence exp
    - 5000 mining exp
    - 5000 smithing exp
    - rune pickaxe

  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting $5.37

  • Required Fletching Level:5
    Required Cooking Level:30
    Required Ranging Level:30
    ability to kill Level 64 wolves and defend yourself from Level 48 abd Level 70 ogres
    - 2 Quest Point
    - 735 ranged exp
    - 1470 cooking exp
    - 262 fletching exp
    - ogre bow
    - ability to fletch ogre arrows
    - ability to cook chompy birds and hunt them for cool hat

  • Biohazard $5.37

  • Required Quests:Plague city
    - 3 Quest Point
    - 1250 thieving exp
    - unrestricted use of main gate into west ardougne
    - permission to use king lathas'training ground north of west ardougne

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  • Cabin Fever $3.58

  • Required Quests:Rum deal
    Pirate's treasure
    Required Agility Level:42
    Required Crafting Level:45
    Required Smithing Level:50
    Required Ranged Level:40
    - 2Quest Point
    - access to the pirate island.mos le'harmless
    - the little book o'piracy
    - 7000 smithing exp
    - 7000 crafting exp
    - 7000 agility exp

  • Clock Tower$5.37

  • Required Skills:able to defeat(or run from)at least one Level 53 ogre
    - 1 Quest Point
    - 500gp

  • Cold War $5.37

  • Required Hunter Level:10
    Required Agility Level:30
    Required Crafting Level:30
    Required Construction Level:34
    - 1 Quest Point
    - 2000 crafting exp
    - 5000 agility exp
    - 1500 construction exp
    - ability to build a penguin suit